Freelance Interpreter

Posted 2 years ago

Job Responsibilities
Translate messages, live speeches, voice recordings and documents into another language, with careful attention to providing proper context, meaning, tone and technical wording
Collaborate with colleagues to compile helpful information, including terms and definitions, into an organized glossary for regular reference during the translation process
Honor outlined ethical codes to ensure sensitive and confidential information remains secure and protected
Identify terms and words with conflicting meanings to determine which alternative provides clarity and reflects the original purpose of the message
Verify, modify and edit translations to compensate for discrepancies in technical terms and to guarantee that the final content is consistent with original material
Consult dictionaries, encyclopedias and terminology compilations to remain educated and current with the meaning of words and phrases
Analyze audience members and listen to debriefings on what materials will be translated, to best assess how to present interpreted data
Document changes to translated materials, and maintain an orderly method for filing data for reference later on

Job Skills & Qualifications
Bachelor’s degree in communications or related field
Proficiency in the English language
Written and verbal fluency in at least one non-English language
Interpersonal skills
Strong understanding of written and oral communication

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