There are 1000’s of organizations out in the market. Doing market research with our clients, our results showed price is not the top factor when deciding on translation services.

Why do translation firms price up projects for less to make a varied market?

Typically, in every industry there are many reasons why one company charge less.

In the translation world it mainly comes down to the rates a company pays their translators. Smaller experience means smaller rates at cost. Translators like this are easy to find but what happened to dedicating the quality to customers?

Translation projects on a budget with (software x machine) translation administrations can be truly slapdash.Some organizations offer a ‘low quality’ project to keep spending clients upbeat.

Does this mean client project fulfillment?

Basically, NO! Strategies like this are a company hazard (we steer clear!). Low Quality translation are never 100% precise. They are frequently excessively strict, utilize the wrong grammar,punctuation and vocabulary for an explicit project.

Assurity of exceptional service and quality?

Asian Trust Translation we use high quality translators with exemplary years of experience. Vetted, portfolios assessed and tested. We know good translators/interpreters cost more because the value we bring to our industry is of high standard.

With market research in mind – it concluded to this:

Why do YOU want translation for your business?

  • Sales Development?
  • Globalization?
  • Industry Exposure?
  • Business-2-Business Networking
  • Legal Document Information Processing
  • Brand awareness projects?

With the above in mind, you wouldn’t want to use the wrong company to represent you.

At Asian Trust Translation, we believe in fair prices and we have years of experience.

Skilled translators and masters of the linguistic world is who we are!

We make communications simple and break down language barriers.

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