1.Builds brand awareness

By having a social site, you have essentially increased your channels to share and syndicate your content. This means you have the opportunity to not only share but to be shared too. Though you may not go ‘viral’, you have made it easier for people to talk about you.

It only takes one customer to share your content or your page to get leads. Because with that share, a whole new group of people has the chance of stumbling upon your name while scrolling through a feed.

But, that’s not it. You become way more accessible too. Even if you have a website and can be searched, your social networks make it that much easier for customers to find you.

2.Easy to engage with customers

Social media is a communication tool. Therefore meaning a specific tool you can use to communicate directly with customers. You can publicly communicate by commenting, or you can even reach out privately.

Most of the time this works in your favor. Because customers are already on these sites, sometimes multiple times a day they are more likely to share their good and bad experience with your business here. Giving you the perfect opportunity to respond accordingly.

3.Enhances your SEO rankings

As we have mentioned, social media can help you increase your content’s visibility. This is because you are essentially providing a second residence for your content. And making it incredibly shareable.

Because your content becomes much easier to share, you are increasing your chances of creating quality backlinks. This is because your content is much easier to find.

Be sure you are using your social profiles to your full advantage. Hashtags, optimizing your profiles, and creating catchy headlines/tweets can make your engagement skyrocket and boosts your SEO.