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Founded on September 30, 2005, Asian Trust Translation offers multilingual translation, interpretation and localization with over 120 language pairs. Our recent successes include over 1500 local and oversea clients with thousands of translation projects. Asian Trust Translation is one of top translation service providers in Vietnam, and, indeed, in all of Asia.

Asian Trust Translation is based in Ho Chi Minh City, Tokyo, and Beijing. Today, the company has more than 63 translators in-house and nearly 6.000 freelancers around the world, to support a wide range of language services. In providing a broad range of services, we are striving to create a world in which language barriers no longer divide international business partners and increase the reachability.


Collwing Watanabe - CEO


Our Mission is make communication simple. We provide our clients flexible, quick and qualified LSP solutions in any location around the world. We are consistently dedicated to meet our client’s deadline and to adapt to our clients requirements. Furthermore, our solid networking of qualified translators across Asia, has always helped us to deliver accurate and fast services with highly-ensuring quality.

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About Us

Mr. Watanabe is a master of translation and localization. His professional experience includes two years as a one-person translation agency and nearly 10 years as the business mind behind Asian Trust.

Collwing Watanabe

CEO & Founder

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Ms. Leong has been part of Asian Trust Translation for almost seven years and now heads up all Chinese projects.She graduated from Peking University with a major in linguistics.

Emily Leong

Project Manager

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Mr. Kang has been in charge of the marketing team at Asian Trust for over 5 years. Before that time, he worked for the firm’s Multinational Enterprises department.

Chen Ching Kang

Head of Marketing

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Mr. Shibata has successfully managed 1000+ projects from start to finish. He is an expert when it comes to leadership, which is why we’ve trusted him to run several of our most challenging teams.

Spencer Shibata

Account Manager

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Anna Lavato is responsible for much of Asian Trust’s business development. Before joining our team, Ms. Lavato managed several complex projects for Fortune 500 clients.

Anna Lavato

Sales Director

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Yoshikazu has over 14 years of translation experience,  including three years in management systems, four years as Vice President of Global Trade.

Yoshikazu Watanabe

Project Manager

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Mr. Tyler handles projects in over 30 Asian and European languages on a daily basis. Mr. Tyler’s customer satisfaction skills make him a core part of Asian Trust Translation‘s quality assurance team.

Ryan Tyler

Project Manager

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Ms. Russo has over 13 years of translation experience. Ms. Russo has acted as one of the business minds behind Asian Trust. She holds a B.A. in Spanish to French translation and is head of the South America translation team.

Olivia Florencia Russo

Project Manager

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