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Asian Trust Translation strives to be the best translation company in Asia.

With offices based in China, Japan, and Vietnam, we are partners in the success of our clients, who come from all walks of life and business. Our customer base includes clients in Europe, Australia, the Americas, and Asia, and our mission is to help them expand their businesses and boost their presence in the global market. All of the language professionals working with Asian Trust Translation are well-trained and highly capable, and they bring extensive experience and broad knowledge to each project.

Asian Trust Translation offers multilingual translation, interpreting, and localization in more than 120 language pairs. We have executed thousands of translation projects for more than 2,000 local and overseas clients. Asian Trust Translation is one of top language service providers in Vietnam and in all of Asia. Asian Trust Translation is based in Ho Chi Minh City, Tokyo, and Beijing.

Founded in 2005, the company today has some 70 in-house translators and a network of nearly 11,000 freelancers around the world who support a variety of language services. With our broad range of services, we are striving to create a world in which language barriers no longer divide international business partners and where communication with global audiences is simple.

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Asian Trust Translation strives to provide reliable translation services of the highest quality at a reasonable, competitive price. All the language professionals who work with…Read More »


Our proof-readers will check content meticulously to ensure there are no spelling or grammar mistakes and that the translation is outstanding. Proofreading is also available…Read More »


“Interpretation” is essentially another word for live translation done in real time. Our interpreters are skilled in facilitating meetings between people who speak different…Read More »


Speech to Text software is helpful, but never 100% accurate. Our transcriptionists can provide more accurate transcriptions for our clients. Asian Trust Translation offer…Read More »

Audio Voiceover

Asian Trust Translation offers audio voiceover we prepare translations for distribution via podcasts, video, and/or DVD. We can place the audio in a MP3 or WAV file for you to…Read More »


We offer both time coding and translation of subtitles. Speakers of both source and target languages collaborate to ensure that colloquial phrases and idioms are translated correctly…Read More »

Desktop Publishing

Asian Trust Translation is use professional software and printing materials to create complex printed projects at a higher quality than home printing can achieve. We’re one of…Read More »


Content Writing empowers your business on the internet. This is an important tool that makes your online presence powerful. Quality and effective content will give your website…Read More »

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