First, we need to talk about productivity. Post-editing is faster than translating. It is estimated that a translator can post-edit from four thousand to five thousand words per day. Compared to the three thousand words of translation per day. This way, if we have little time to deliver a translation to a client, post-editing can be a great ally.
Automatic translation is also plausible with texts that have simple wording and content, without rhetorical figures, subjectivities or technical language. Generally, employee handbooks, mobile applications’ content and administrative information yield a very positive end-result.

And if, for example, a client needs to translate one hundred thousand words in two days for internal informational purposes only, we can always offer to do machine translation only. Remember that in addition to the complete post-editing step, there is also simple or quick post-editing and the service of machine translation only. Analyzing each context will be crucial to choose the right option.

In summary, there are many situations in which doing automatic translation and post-editing is a good choice. Contact us to get more details!