Notarized procedures include many requirements. Note that when going to the notary must always bring the original and the photo at least 2 copies, because the notary public will record a backup as evidence.

  1. A full list of notarized documents:
  • Request for authentication of transaction contract (form).
  • Draft transaction contract.
  • ID: ID card/military/passport identification of the parties involved in the transaction.
  • Certificate of ownership and use right.
  • Papers proving the capacity of behavior (health/mental examination paper …) in case of doubt about the behavioral capacity of the contracting party.
  • Identity card of the witness/translator (in case of a witness and interpreter).
  • Other documents related to trading contracts that are required by law, such as Proof of general/private property status. Marriage certificate, certificate of marital status on the basis of comparison with the time of asset creation.
  • A number of other papers related to the implementation of the rights of notarization and transaction contracts in cases where the notaries need to clarify and verify.
  1. A number of files: 01 (set) of the original and 01 (set) of copies (no need of certified copies).
  2. Types of common notaries:
  • Notarized labor contracts, cooperation between businesses.
  • ID: ID card, birth certificate, driver’s license…

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