As we know, Consular legalization is to certify seals and signatures on documents and texts that foreign parties license to the person concerned. Besides, consular legalization is in using when someone wants fully legal documents.

Besides, Vietnamese government agencies only accept legalized consular documents, except some special cases specified in the law.
Moreover, consular legalization of documents will take the following steps:

  • Proposal for consular legalization.
  • A copy of your identity card, passport or personal identification document may replace the applicant. Along with the original for comparison.
  • Original or certified copy of documents and texts that need legalization. Along with the correct translation if available.
  • Copy of the above documents

Therefore, we are providing legalization services in all below categories:

  • Competency Implementation Consult for customers.
  • Clearing up queries and more questions.
  • Receiving results of for customers.

Finally, if you need to have legalization services, Asian Trust Translation is always ready to help you.