Do you know Vietnamese has been included in the most difficult languages ​​on the planet? Let’s study with Asian Trust Translation about the blacklist of language.

  1. Chinese: Although it is a popular language, more than 1/5 of the earth’s population of using, it does not affect the difficulty of this language.
  2. Arabic: Widely used from the Middle East to Africa but with the rest of the world, Arabic is really hard to learn.
  3. Vietnamese: Should we be proud to be fluent in the Top 3 difficult language of this planet?
  4. Thai: It’s not easy to learn because Thai has a complex alphabet. It borrows from Pali, Sanskrit, and even Khmer.
  5. Icelandic: One of the Nordic languages and this is one of the difficult languages.
  6. Albanian: There are certainly many people who first hear this Indo-European language.
  7. Japanese: Just mastering three Japanese writing systems is enough to waste a lot of time and effort.
  8. Gaelic: Also known as Scottish Gaelic, Celtic language system.
  9. Hungarian: The official language of Hungary and The Hungarian community use it in the European Union.
  10. Croatian: What do you think of one of the official languages ​​of this European Union?