Mandarin is one of the most talked about languages in the world with about two billion people speaking. However, it is only one of many dialects of Chinese. Before you start translating Chinese, here are somethings to consider.

  1. Making decisions about the language you should translate

Considering that China and Taiwan use Mandarin as their national language. If you are traveling, studying abroad or doing business in these two countries, you should translate Mandarin. 

  • The Chinese alphabet

The Chinese alphabet is not based on phonetics, it will not help you to speak this language if you learn to write them. If you want to translate Chinese to travel, translate some Chinese letters that will help you read menus and signposts.

  • The system of Chinese languages

Most of the people learn to write Chinese characters for the purpose of calligraphy. But if you are serious about translation, you should know that traditional Chinese is used in Taiwan, Hong Kong and newspapers, menus outside China, such as in North America, Australia and elsewhere. That will be helpful for you if you want to translate into English.

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