The UK receives all the religions and beliefs in the world such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, etc. So, there are so many chapels, churches, and temples for people to practice their beliefs.

Therefore, there will definitely be no disgust or forced religious or beliefs in the UK.

  1. Communication culture

British culture is very interesting and lovely. In addition, It is the synthesis of verbal and nonverbal communication. British people often communicate subtly and skillfully when they are combining both intimacy and humility.

In textual communication, the British focus on traditional rituals from address to manipulating words. For instance, they rarely speak slang or short, especially formal cases.

  • Business culture

At work, the British pay much attention to time. It would be very indecent if you missed a date with an English partner.

In meetings, participants will decide the mood. If people have similar positions, conversation and expressing their views will be quite free. But, if there are important people, they will be the main person in leading the meeting.

Hopefully, with the information, you will have an overview of the culture in England. And also, having more confidence when coming to this country.