In the process of a translation project, there are many different workflow steps that can be involved. Depending on the needs of the person or entity requesting the translation. One of the most common of these workflow steps is Editing. 

First of all, the definition is to “prepare for publication by correcting, condensing, or otherwise modifying it”.

Besides, with globalization and the need for localization services, editing becomes a post-translation step. The editor will review the source text before sending on for final proofreading.

But there’s another word, Edition, that is also sometimes mistakenly use to refer to this editing step. The words editing and edition are very similar.

Today, according to the Oxford Dictionary online, Edition is used to mean the following:

  1. A particular form or version of a published text.
  2. The total number of copies of a book, newspaper, or other published material issued at one time.
  3. A particular version or instance of a regular program or broadcast.

So, next time you have a translation that needs to be reviewed before sending it for a final proofreading, remember this edition of the TrustTranslations blog, and ask for editing.