Translation is an industry that everyone knows, but not everyone understands the role of certified-translation in social life around us.

Certified translations are documents which have been signed off by the translator themselves as a guarantee that the contents are reliable and accurate. This note must give the date of translation, a statement that the document is a “true and accurate translation of the original”, and the name of the translator and their agency.

Certified translations play an important role in social life, especially in the process of international economic integration. Any organization or individual who has relationships or cross-border transactions: work, study abroad, travel, settle down, cooperate with foreign organizations -must have all relevant legal documents such as household registration, identity card, birth certificate, types of degrees, transcript, etc. Certified translation documents have a common characteristic: Government represeantative signed and stamped on these legal documents. However, certified translation not only as easy as many people often think but also high legal nature, high responsibility, all the words in the text must be accurate .

Regarding the fee for notarizing the translation, our company strictly adheres to the fees stipulated in the Judicial Offices, Notary Offices.

With professional and experienced translators, we are committed to quality assurance, deadline and professional service for all types of clients.

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