Vietnam and Japan have many similarities. Example:

Vietnamese, Japanese, and Korean writting letters originated in China.

Sharing a common Asian culture with rich national characters.

Particularly, Japan being the leading ODA sponsor country in Vietnam.

45 years since the two countries established diplomatic relations, friendship and have been cooperating since.

Many Japanese professionals have come to Vietnam. Working in the food, construction, automobiles, machinery and electronics industries.

Ho Chi Minh City has formed a bustling, crowded Japanese neighborhood for a long time because of this.

It is worth to mention that the Japanese, have many non-profit organizations.

Sending experts to support Vietnam’s agriculture. Specifically, northern remote provinces.

Provided support for the cultivation of oranges, making organic pottery and cosmetics. Even non-intervention chemicals; or do homestay to exploit local potential.

At the same time, the young and abundant labor force of Vietnam is also exported to Japan. Working in factories, hospitals and many more areas. Generations of Japanese students after their studies stayed in Japan. Vietnamese businessmen also made a fortune thanks to the import of food and cosmetics distributed in the Vietnamese market.

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