English is an international language. Clearly, most countries choose English as their second language after their mother tongue.

Vietnam is not exception.

Children in Vietnam have become familiar with English since kindergarten, and the higher grade of education. The young generation have more importance to the English language. For which this becomes a compulsory subject in school and to University majors.

The economy is open and expanding foreigners to arrive in Vietnam. Work, travel and settlement just so English language centers have never bloomed as today.

Everybody comes to study English, especially for adults in need of work. Children of the future helps the whole society for ready to integration.

In the 80’s, Vietnamese students learned English from local teachers, most of them did not have native teachers. So the pronunciation of majority of Vietnamese generations was wrong. Leading to unprofessional translation.

However, in the 2000s the situation improved. Vietnamese realized the importance of speaking and writing professional English. The younger generation has overcome the objections of parents and traditional people. They have correct pronunciation, write properly and confidently in international environments.

Whether you are a foreigner who comes from any country. We support communication in English.

Our English-Vietnamese translation team in Asian Trust comes from English-speaking countries such as UK, US, Australian and New Zealand. English is the international language but we need the professional pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar.

Vietnamese scripts are in Latin form, looks equivalent to English, is an advantage for transliteration, which is more advantageous to other countries in the region. This is a great opportunity for Vietnamese to work in our translation industry.

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